1. “I”  income
  2. “D” depreciation
  3. “E” equity
  4. “A” appreciation
  5. “L” leverage / liquidity
  1. Income: Regular monthly or quarterly payments made to investors based on the terms of a specific investment contract.
  2. Depreciation: A taxable right-off that offsets some of your taxable income. This allows investors to keep or re-invest more of their rental income than ordinary income.
  3. Equity: An ownership interest in the real property (assets/houses).
  4. Appreciation: Growth in the capital value of the investment over time.
    1. Leverage: Ability to amplify gains and or reduce risk by borrowing additional capital.
    2. Liquidity: Single-family rentals produce monthly cash-flow ; and single-family rentals can be liquidated (sold) more quickly than other commercial real estate investments or closed fund investments in other sectors.

Investor Suitability Questionnaire:

  • Are you an accredited investor Yes or No
  • Did you earn a minimum of $300,000 USD the past 2 consecutivetax returns or
  • Do you have a net worth of one million US dollars or more?

(**If you become an investor, you will be asked for verification upon subscribing to our fund that can easily be satisfied with past 2 tax returns and or any account/asset balances that clearly meet the definition of an accredited investor per the SEC)



Investor Registration


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