• Are you a real estate broker or real estate agent with clients who are investors?
  • Are you looking for a way to add revenue to your business from existing and new clients?
  • Have any of your clients mentioned lately they will invest “if you find them a good deal?”
  • If you had a consistent and compliant way to get paid a commission without having to find investment properties for your clients, would that be of value to your business?
  • If you could offer clients a way to invest even amounts of money starting at $100,000 and up,  would that increase your odds to make ‘investor sales’?
  • If you had training and marketing materials with data and slides to show or send to investors, including email templates for reaching out to new and existing clients, would that increase your odds of making investor sales?
  • Do any of your clients have 1031 exchanges to accomplish?
  • If you answered YES  to any of these questions, please fill out our Broker/Agent registration form below….

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